Mean stack refers to a collection of JavaScript technologies used to develop web applications.

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ETTE:Property − A property is a type of attribute of HTML tag. Put simply, all the HTML attributes are converted into CSS properties. They could be color, border etc.Value − Values are assigned to properties. For example, color property can have value either red or #F1F1F1 etc.

A CSS comprises of style rules that are interpreted by the browser and then applied to the corresponding elements in your document. A style rule is made of three parts −Selector − A selector is an HTML tag at which a style will be applied. This could be any tag like

HTML – Asymmetrical tables

To form asymmetrical tables we will use ‘rowspan’ to cross more than one line and ‘colspan’ to cross more than one columns. Also, if we want that the first line to serve as titles line for all the columns we will use thetag. These will be written with bold letters as we will see in the following example:

To better make the difference you can erase the edge from the previous example.The distance between the cells and the edge’s size will be interpreted in pixels by the browser. Using this ‘law’ a value of 10 means actually 10 pixels. This attribute is not the only one that uses as unit of measure the pixels, but we will learn about the others as we progress through the next tutorials.